October 11, 2015

Remember, boaters are voters

MY FRIENDS, a lot has been said recently about immigration and gun control. Much hot air has been released over who did what in Benghazi, and how to deal with Mr. Putin and ISIS. But what have our elected representatives done to ease the lot of suffering boatowners? Who has spoken a single word in favor of fewer taxes and more amenities for sailors and powerboaters?

Is this not wicked? Is this not discrimination? Is this not un-American behavior of the worst kind?

It’s as if Obama and Mr. Boehner have never heard of decent, hardworking owners of sailboats — people who live honest lives, pay their taxes, and contribute to the economy by consuming large amounts of beer.

A pox on such thoughtless politicians, I say. You can’t trust a presidential candidate who doesn’t sail. Have they never wondered what happens to old shellbacks when they are cruelly deprived of their beloved boats? They tell me that old golfers never die; they merely lose their balls. But what happens to sailors confronted with ever-rising slip fees and haulout charges? They can’t even afford to paint their own bottoms.

My friends, we must use the power of the vote to change this desperate state of affairs. We must let it be known that we want a president who can steer a ketch or at least helm a Sunfish. We want a Vice-President who can hand and reef and splice as well as take over the White House when the President is away playing golf in Hawaii. We want leaders who aren’t afraid to fight for a boat owner’s right to bop a banker on the bean when he tries to repossess a humble sloop or cutter.

My friends, in this present hour we are all gearing up to vote. If your candidates can’t sail, it probably means they have no hearts. Throw the bums out.

My name is John Vigor and I approve this message.

Today’s Thought
I tell you, Folks, all Politics is Apple Sauce.
— Will Rogers, The Illiterate Digest

“She told me you told her the secret I told you not to tell her.”
“Aw gee, I told her not to tell you I told her.”
“You did? Well for goodness’ sake don’t tell her I told you she told me you told her.”

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Mike Benson said...

I'm envisioning a one design class reaching circuit where citizens and politicians alike will share the same course. Checking the line, hardening up for the gun and at 10 seconds yelling don't go in there as politicians attempt to barge the line at the committee boat end. Passing of legislation may require 2/3 of boats finishing in top half to flagged in favor of the bill. So success in politics would hinge on political stance, coupled with sailing ability to make vote count.
Lobbyists could offer slick foul weather gear, or marvelous hardware in bronze and stainless to help bring their issues to the forefront.
Statistics could be gathered, and programs could begin to make strides against the large boatless population.