January 5, 2014

Another book to buy

THE NEXT IN THE SERIES of books you really should buy (to make me rich and happy) is Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Sailing (Sheridan House)

Probably the best things about this book are the foreword, by that very talented boating writer Don Casey, and the illustrations, by the renowned artist and whackiest boating cartoonist I know, Tom Payne. With the help of those two, this book managed to win a national literary prize of some prestige — the John Southam Award for Excellence in Sailing Communication.

It’s a whimsical reference book, aimed at sailboat owners of all kinds but particularly those nearing retirement age, who will finally have the freedom to indulge their sailing dreams. Each of its 200 short entries is packed with solid practical advice and valuable tips, and they’re sorted out alphabetically, so if you can still remember your ABC you should get along just fine. Even if you can’t, you’re offered the opportunity to open the book at any page and browse endlessly.

There’s an appendix at the back that, even if I say so myself, is a fund of information for sailors of all types, and also a handy list of books I wish someone had told me to read before I started sailing. Not all as good as this one, of course, but then not every author gets to win the John Southam Award. Just sayin’. . .

Ø Here’s a review from www.books.google.com

“Very interesting and useful information on all aspects of sailing from anchoring to operating a self steering device!

“Very good book, that I would certainly suggest to anyone (like myself) that is getting into sailing.”

Ø And another review from www.books.google.com 

“Aimed at sailboat owners of all kinds, this reference book contains 200 entries packed with solid practical advice and valuable tips. Each entry is categorized alphabetically and prefaced by an arresting statement such as "People always lie about how fast their boats are." The reference format offers readers the opportunity to open the book at any page and browse endlessly. Cartoons by Sail magazine cartoonist Tom Payne enliven the text. A comprehensive appendix covers some 50 technical topics.”

Today’s Thought
What is important — what lasts — in another language is not what is said but what is written. For the essence of an age, we look to its poetry and its prose, not its talk shows.
— Peter Brodie, classics teacher, Foxcroft School, Middleburg, VA

“And you, madam, what’s your husband’s average income?”
“Well, on Friday nights it’s usually between 2 and 3 a.m.”

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David Burns said...

It is a good book for the persons who started sailing recently. I am now planning to set Sail Manhattan. This book is really helpful for me.