June 8, 2011

Almost there

Had to install a new operating system. Lost all my settings and a bunch of programs, so I'm still up to my neck in muck and bullets.

Thanks for your patience.  Back in business on Friday I hope.

Meanwhile, faithful reader Oded Kishony says:

"Why is it that you never publish my comments? What am I doing wrong?"

* You're not doing anything wrong, Oded. Your comments are published as they're received. The problem is that comments stay with the column that was open when you made your comment.  So, if you opened an old column and left a comment, that comment will be hidden back there and your pearls of wisdom will be wasted.

So if you want to comment on a past column, place your comment on the latest column, and cross-reference it to the past column you're referring to.

Sorry it's so clunky, but that's what we have to work with. It's not worthy of us, but what can we say? 


John V.


Matt Marsh said...

There's nothing like a few days of intense computer maintenance to remind us of the fragility of so many things we take for granted. Ever seen a network router go down in a cubicle farm? Office workers start popping up above the walls like gophers. It's quite amusing until you realize that not a single thing can get done until the poor IT guy figures out what broke.

I hope you're back up and running soon, John. We blog addicts miss you already.

Oded Kishony said...

Thank you for your reply to my question.
Good luck with your computer.

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