November 21, 2010

Ready to charter? (5)

HERE’S THE LAST installment of our 10-question quiz for would-be charterers.


Question 9. You notice the engine temperature gauge shoot into the red. What is your very first action? Should you:

(a) Call the charter company on VHF radio?

(b) Turn the motor off immediately?

(c) Look over the stern to see if water is coming out of the exhaust?

Taking a bearing

Question 10. You know full well that one compass bearing on its own can’t give you a position fix. So why, when you’ve been on other boats, has the skipper often put a hand bearing compass to his eye after spotting an approaching ship? Was it:

(a) To practice taking bearings without a distracting background?

(b) To check if you’re going to collide with the ship?

(c) To take the seamanlike precaution of making the compass will always work when it’s needed to take bearings on lighthouses and flashing buoys?


9(c). If you turn the motor off immediately you won’t know whether water was coming out of the exhaust, which will probably be first question anyone asks you. It takes only a second longer to look over the stern before switching off. Then you’ll have valuable information to pass on when you call the charter company.

10(b). If bearings on an approaching ship don’t change after a few minutes, you’re on a collision course. Make an early and obvious change of course to keep clear of her, even if you have right of way.

Today’s Thought
As far as yachting is concerned, there is not a blasted thing here as good as it used to be.
— L. Francis Herreshoff

Boaters’ Rules of Thumb, #123
Leeway in sailboats. Many factors affect leeway, but as a general rule it can be assumed that a close-hauled sailboat will make about 3 to 5 degrees of leeway in a 10-knot breeze. In a 20-knotter, she’ll more likely make between 5 and 8 degrees. So beware when you’re at the helm: she’s not going exactly where she’s looking.

“Had a marvelous time in Switzerland. Can’t remember the name of the place, but it was great.”
“Hell no, it was freezing.”


Anonymous said...

So, do we get evaluated or what? I got 8 of 10. Do I get the boat?

John Vigor said...

Well of course you get the boat, dear Anon. Just send me your signed original answers, legally notarized, together with $50,000 in unmarked dollar bills, and she's all yours. Congratulations!

John V.