January 9, 2014

A single-volume encyclopedia

IT’S NOT OFTEN that a publisher calls upon an author to write a whole encyclopedia by himself, but that’s how I came to write The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating (International Marine).

As you can imagine, it took an awful lot of research and conscientious checking. This is a big book that covers everything from Abandoning Ship to Replacing Zincs, but it’s no ordinary encyclopedia. It’s not written in the usual dry scholastic prose of an encyclopedia. In simple language (which is all I’m capable of, to tell the truth) it informs, entertains, enlightens, and amuses.

It is, nevertheless, an authoritative, comprehensive guide that will help you solve many everyday boating problems and settle a lot of arguments. And, I might add, it makes a wonderful gift for anyone with a boat.

Ø   Here’s a Review from Latitudes and Attitudes magazine:

“You name it, it’s in here. Covers every boating situation. This book is both informative and entertaining.”

Ø And here’s a review from Good Old Boat magazine:

“John Vigor is the answer guy if you’re having onboard arguments about nautical terminology or the science of sailing in general, and his new book lives up to the promise in its title.”

Ø  And finally, I blush to repeat this review from Cruising World magazine:
“Vigor is one of the finest boating writers of our time.”

Today’s Thought

When I want to read a book, I write one.

— Benjamin Disraeli


“Why are you so happy, Gloria?”

“A lady just complimented me on my driving.”

“Great. Who was it?”

“Dunno, she just left a little note on the windshield saying 'Parking Fine.' So sweet of her.”

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